IBM Launches Deep Online Marketing in the Cloud

An innovative cloud-based offering “Coremetrics Lifecycle” has been launched recently by IBM. IBM has identified this new market which could be described as deep online marketing, and which the company estimates will be worth US$ 20 billion in software sales alone by 2015.

The software is cloud based and offers an in-depth study of customers’ interactions across various online marketing channels by company. These customer interactions will include email, advertisement display, market research and social media.

Smarter Commerce, as IBM defines it, is a smarter way for companies to buy, sell and market their products by integrating operations and enhancing interactions through community, collaboration, process and analytics — within an industry context.

IBM’s latest marketing analytics software is developed from their recent acquisition of Coremetrics of San Mateo, California. The acquisition took place in June 2010.

John Squire, Chief Strategy Officer of IBM Coremetrix says: “We are dedicated to delivering capabilities that equip marketers with analytics-based insight into how customer lifecycles speed up or slow down over time, benchmarking current results against previous ones and laying the foundation for consistently smarter marketing,”

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