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  • Telephone Carriers Get Control of the Cloud

    Telephone and cable companies are very interested cloud services and are willing to invest huge amounts of money from acquisitions to partnerships just to get into the cloud market.

    Telephone companies will find it easy to fit into the cloud technology, according to Verizon, because they already have their own network in place and […]

  • Europe is Heading for the Cloud

    The British courier service Shutl had to discover better ways of service when they decided to move to the cloud two years ago. The only courier service that commits to deliver within 90 minutes within the very busy streets of London, hopes to make their services even better.

    One difficulty they had […]

  • Gluster Announces Connector for OpenStack deployments

    Gluster announced today the Gluster Connector for OpenStack which provides highly scalable and highly-available VM storage functionality for OpenStack, an emerging open source cloud platform. With last week’s announcement of GlusterFS 3.3, OpenStack users will be able to add scale-out integrated file and object storage to any deployment. These two capabilities together enable OpenStack […]

  • CloudFloor Opens CloudControl Private Beta For Applications

    CloudFloor, a cloud management and optimization start-up, opened up its private beta for the CloudControl solution which enables users to visualize and control cloud infrastructures through their key business metrics. The product was first unveiled last June at the GigaOM Structure LaunchPad 2011

    CloudControl provides visibility into cloud operations by capturing all […]

  • Former NASA CTO Launches Start-up For Web-Scale Private Clouds

    A team of engineers and entrepreneurs led by former NASA CTO Chris C. Kemp, launched today Nebula and announced plans for a turnkey OpenStack hardware appliance that allows businesses to easily, securely and inexpensively deploy large private cloud computing infrastructures from thousands of computers with minimal effort.

    Chris Kemp, CEO of Nebula said “Until […]

  • Research Shows Increasing Trend Towards Platform-as-a-Service and Big Data

    Big data and Platform-as-a-Service offerings have recently gained momentum, indicating a shift in enterprise IT practices around application development and analytics.

    Public Clouds

    The second-quarter kicked off with Amazon Web Services cloud computing outage – the biggest networking issue that affected Platform-as-a-Service offering. These architectural flaws – AWS outage, Sony’s PlayStation Network security breach […]

  • Group Led by Urges US to Accelerate Cloud Adoption

    A group of 71 companies, the largest hardware, software and Internet companies led by and VCE,  told the Obama administration that cloud computing must be adopted by the US quickly to drive job growth and preserve US technology leadership.

    The report sent today to the Commerce Department and Vivek Kundra, gives recommendations on […]

  • Survey Finds Widespread Concerns about Government Cloud Initiatives

    Staffing, cloud management and Cloud First budget cuts are top-of-mind as the Federal CIO, Vivek Kundra, leaves office.

    According to a survey of 113 FOSE attendees conducted by IT operations and cloud management software provider ScienceLogic, Inc., two-thirds […]

  • Dell Releases Open Source Cloud Software

    Dell has created a package of hardware, software and services using OpenStack cloud software, which helps organizations looking to deploy their own Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) operations.

    Crowbar, an open source program from Dell was also released under the Apache 2 license. Crowbar helps organizations automate the installation and configuration of OpenStack across multiple […]

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