Regional Telcos Seen to Rise due to Cloud Computing Demands

NeoNova Network Services has seen the bright future for broadband cloud-based services that is why they have added 15 new cloud service providers this year for their customer base. NeoNova continues to be one of the industry leaders in managed broadband services.

NeoNova’s customer base continues to increase in number and geographical locations. Today, they have telcos from 11 different states, which include Illinois, India, Kansas, Michigan, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas and Virginia. NeoNova has expanded its range that it now serves both small properties in New Mexico and huge regional demands for the 10,000 miles range of Oklahoma.

The reach of Internet services via the cloud-based broadband management has reached the rural areas that make people in these areas able to compete with their urban peers. Cloud providers are now faced with the challenge to provide the same quality and speed of access to broadband services. One reason why Google Apps is widely used is because of its huge customer base of more than 40 million people. This gives even small telcos to provide world-class, quality cloud platform without adding any cost to their current infrastructure.

Ray Carey the CEO of NeoNova said, “Google represents innovation to the business community, and NeoNova provides the essential customer service and direct contact with local telcos. In the end, the real chocolate and peanut butter moment was combining the powerful innovation machine of Google with the legendary customer service of our with independent telco partners.”

NeoNova has partnered with Google Apps to provide its customers a wide range of services that will enable multi-level administrative support, interactive email services, customizable image branding, storage capability, account deletion and security requirements and SSO (Single Sign-On) capability. And to make the transition even less of a hassle for the ISP and NovaSubscribers they have developed a customized suite of migration tools that will enable a smooth and seamless migration to Google.

Cloud services are here to stay and has now become the standard for almost all computer and business IT solutions. Forrester projects that the cloud market will continue to grow from $25.5 billion in 2011 to $159.3 billion in 2020. Several factors have contributed to NeoNova’s growth trend, which include the use of smartphones and tablet PCs, the emerging acceptance of cloud computing by the public users and the increased demand for broadband use.

Kelly Johnson, Data Communications Manager at Pioneer Communications in Ulysses, Kansas said, “The value of using NeoNova as our platform to for not only email, but for all the other services our end-users need is powerful. They take the complexity out of delivering a complete solution to our customers and keep us innovative with a constantly changing broadband landscape.”


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