GigaOM Structure: A Year of Deals in Review and the Year Ahead

Since 2008, we have seen a “cambrian explosion” of cloud and infrastructure companies. This now being followed by an M&A feeding frenzy, as the early leaders were gobbled up by the giants. In this panel, we assemble some of the leading M&A rockstars and review some of their biggest hits from last year. We will also look to the coming months and find out the types of deals they are sourcing and what technologies will be on their radar.

Moderated by: Stephen Smith – Senior Managing Director, Arma Partners
Shekar Ayyar – VP of Strategy and Corporate Development, VMware
Jonathan Becher – Interim CMO, SAP
Debra Danielson
– SVP, Merger and Acquisition Strategy and Distinguished Engineer, CA Technologies
John Dillon
– CEO, Engine Yard
Lorenzo De La Vega
– VP, Business Development, Application & Integration Middleware, Software Group, IBM

Here is a video of the panel:

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