News Digest June 24, 2012

  • Free Access to Microsoft ALM Servers – TechEd Conference

    In its recent TechEd conference held in Orlando, Florida last June 4, Microsoft announced that they are already in the process of expanding access to their cloud-based application lifecycle management service, even though the app itself is still in preview mode.

    According to the company, anyone can utilize its Team Foundation Service ALM server, […]

  • iCloud Is Changing The Game

    Apple has recently announced that their top end MacBook Pro will no longer come with a hard drive, as the new ones will only contain much faster SSD or Solid State Drives. The announcement heralds one of the most important shifts in the industry trend towards SSD-only systems using cloud-based storage devices.

    Of course, […]

  • Will The Cloud Ever Be Secure?

    One of the main criticisms being levied at Cloud computing is its inherent security flaws. After all, the whole concept of cloud computing introduces possible security risks that are not present in conventional IT setups. However, a growing number of technologists are making the argument that clouds, contrary to popular belief, are actually more […]

  • Best Practices in Enterprise Cloud Adoption – Learnings from Cloud Leadership Forum

    These past few years, a number of enterprises have already made the jump to cloud computing, and are now focused on managing the cloud and maximizing business value out of the services. As the IT field moves past the theoretical phase and entered management and implementation, enterprises who have made the jump to cloud […]

  • The Cloud That Is Facebook

    Facebook’s gigantic userbase, which is made up of 901 million users, requires an equally huge number of servers, datacenters and assorted storage and networking gear. Such large needs is expected of a company that has enough clout to go toe to toe with Google. However, unlike Google, Facebook has not relied on their own […]

  • Cloud Service Outages Cost Up to $70 Million

    According to the International Working Group on Cloud Computing Resiliency, at least 10 hours yearly has been lost due to cloud services outages. According to the report, downtime is at least 500 hours since 2007 from 13 of the largest cloud computing providers. The number of hours was translated to at least $70 million.


  • Google: Switching to Cloud Saves up to 90% of Energy Costs

    A lot of people are focusing on the security issues of cloud computing that’s why they fail to see the probable energy savings it offers. Companies go to the clouds because they want to increase profits by lowering their expenses. However, they fail to see that cloud computing has environmental benefits also. In […]

  • Catching Up on Intel

    The dominance that Intel’s x86 standard is enjoying in the computing market may be in trouble. AMD, ARM, Texas Instruments, and a couple of smaller chip manufacturers have entered a partnership called the Heterogeneous Systems Architecture Foundation (HSAF). HSAF aims to produce a single standardized architecture for low-power computing, while at the same time […]

  • Dell Strengthens Public Cloud Service in Europe and Canada

    Continuing its strategy of moving beyond the PC, software and services, Dell launched its first service in the cloud infrastructure earlier this year thanks to a partnership with VMware.

    Dell announced it is expanding availability of its Dell Cloud with VMware vCloud Datacenter services into Canada and Europe.

    The service will be based […]

  • How Countries Tax Cloud Computing Services

    KPMG has created an online resource regarding taxing of cloud computing services by tax authorities in various countries. Called as Country Perspective on Taxing the Cloud, the online resource aims to aid providers and users of cloud services in planning their activities and operations as well as work in order gain tax benefits from […]

  • SPEC Set To Benchmark The Cloud

    SPEC (Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation) plans to use its testing methodology to benchmark cloud deployments. The company is well known in the industry because of its benchmarks on computer systems. It maintains and develops benchmarks which are standardized to evaluate enterprise computing systems. A not-for-profit organization, SPEC recently formed a working group to […]

  • Amazon, Microsoft and Rackspace Locked in a IaaS Price War

    Amazon Web Services and Microsoft, together with Rackspace Hosting, are staging a price war for their services. Amazon started implementing its cloud support plans changes in response to the price slash Microsoft and Rackspace are instituting for their services. Being a leader in Infrastructure-as-a-Service offerings, Amazon holds around 80% of the whole market while […]

  • IBM Introduces New Smart Computing Solutions

    IBM continues its strategy of betting on intelligent computing and announced a wide range of improvements in performance and efficiency of their storage systems and technical systems to deal with Big Data.

    IBM announced Smarter Computing, a new strategic approach to design and manage storage infrastructures. The new offering delivers more intelligent, automated […]

  • EMC Partners with Verizon to Offer Cloud Services

    Terremark, a subsidiary of Verizon Communications Inc. and EMC join forces in a strategic global support for clients on cloud computing. This initiative aims to develop and distribute all products and services by cloud optimized storage technologies, backup and replication of EMC.

    In this context, Terremark intends to standardize its business on […]

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