News Digest October 28, 2012

  • The Cloud: What’s in it For You?

    Nowadays, more and more businesses are moving their operations to the cloud as the industry starts to realize the benefits that the cloud brings, whether it’s cost-efficiency, improved flexibility and agility, or any of the myriad advantages that comes from cloud computing. However, before you start migrating all of your data to the cloud, […]

  • Free Cloud Services for Small Businesses

    Here are some of the best cloud-related services and software that small businesses should check out:


    While Microsoft’s Office Suite is decent enough to justify its hefty $279 price tag, Apache does one even better by offering a powerful alternative for free called It’s not as powerful as its commercial […]

  • Gartner: Big Data Business Intelligence Increases Value

    Big Data is pushing the analysis of the data into the hands of managers, who can then use non-transactional data to draw strategic, long-term business decisions.

    According to a study by Gartner, technology investment in big data infrastructure and management is projected to drive $28 billion of worldwide IT spending in 2012. The […]

  • Stock Analysts Warning on Possible Overvaluation of Rackspace

    Since its Initial Public Offering in August 2008, Rackspace Hosting’s share value has grown almost 6 times its original value. This is primarily because of the company’s growth in terms of earnings per share, revenue, and subscriber base. The cloud service provider is currently trading with an impressive profit-to-earnings ratio and analysts are warning […]

  • DataWeek 2012 Conference: Big Data Takes the Center Stage

    DataWeek 2012 Conference, the largest six-day conference held in San Francisco, California was focused on big data with good blends of panels, speakers, labs, and great new tools on the management of data. The event was an opportunity to learn, and also to compare experiences and exchange ideas with the various stakeholders.

    All […]

  • Cloud Opportunities for Law Firms: The Basics

    A law firm can benefit from cloud computing like any other industry, but the benefits it gets are more pronounced due to the fact that manpower in a law firm is significantly more expensive due to the specialized knowledge and skillsets the company needs, so the more manpower they free up due to the […]

  • Google’s Vulnerability Reward Program: Making Friends with Hackers

    One of the more common criticisms being levied at the cloud industry is the security risks inherent in the model. And the reason why it’s still fending off these criticisms up to this day is that it has some ground. In fact, even Google – which is one of the large companies and authorities […]

  • IBM Introduces PureData to Address Big Data Challenges

    If Oracle recently showed improvements in their catalog of integrated systems (specifically in database machine), IBM is now announcing three new systems for the management and analysis of large volumes of information that will be available from late October.

    IBM Introduces PureData, a system that allows companies to quickly analyze large quantities […]

  • Microsoft Checks Your Readiness for the Cloud

    More companies now use cloud technologies to reap the benefits, such as lower cost, higher efficiency and more flexibility. Often, however, lacks the understanding of security and privacy policies of their own systems and industry-specific regulations or legal framework.

    To allow companies to test their cloud security knowledge, Microsoft allows companies to check whether […]

  • News Digest October 21, 2012
    The Cloud Business Case: Are Expected Cost Savings Realistic?According to Claranet Product Director Martin Saunders, cloud computing is not a cheaper alternative to on-premise server. However, cloud computing services do make up for that disadvantage. According to Saunders, cloud computing isn’t […]

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