Red Hat Closes ManageIQ Deal For $104 Million

Red Hat was able to close a deal with ManageIQ last month for $104 million. With its new acquisition, the company will be able to strengthen its CloudForms infrastructure-as-a-service management tool. Meant to be offered as a “single pane of glass management” for private and public cloud infrastructures, Red Hat will be competing against VMware, RightScale, Microsoft, IBM, HP, Dell, and BMC.

The ECM suite of ManageIQ is able to provide common view, administration, and monitoring to various private and public cloud platforms. It is also bale to manage VMware, OpenStack and AWS EC2 infrastructures and virtualization platforms from Red Hat, Microsoft, and VMware. It can also link to enterprise management systems from ServiceNow, Microsoft, HP, Dell, and BMC. It also supports virtualized desktop platforms.

ManageIQ’s Virtual Management Database is scalable and has low-latency which makes automated management tasks simple by discarding the necessity to organize management databases. This platform is also bale to automate workflows, orchestration, and policy management as well as track relationships and classify directories and access control.

Officials from Red Hat plan to use ManageIQ for management of various clouds, VM infrastructures, and operating systems. According to the company’s GM for Cloud Business Bryan Che, businesses don’t need to set up different cloud silos and use different management tools for each workload. Red Hat’s CloudForms will be integrated with ManageIQ’s EVM. The said integration will be good for CloudForms as ManageIQ is able to manage cloud and virtualized infrastructures by providing chargeback, analytics, orchestration, and monitoring.

Once the integrated application is made available, Red Hat is expecting the package to become more powerful management software for virtualized applications for both private and public clouds. This package will be of interest to customers whose goal is to create hybrid clouds. According to IDC vice president for research Mary Johnston Turner, a lot of enterprises are inclined towards hybrid clouds implementations where the operations of organizations are segregated between public and private clouds. Because of this, there is a need for an application to manage both clouds in a single glance. IDC expects entities to purchase at least $3.6 million worth of cloud management software yearly by 2016.

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