News Digest July 22, 2012

  • Greenpeace vs. Apple Cloud: Commitment to the Green Cloud

    IT giant Apple has recently come under fire for failing to fulfill its commitment to promote green practices in cloud computing, judging by the company’s decision to stop submitting their products to the Electronic Product Environment Assessment Tool (EPEAT) for certification.

    In light of Apple’s recent decision […]

  • Financial Regulators Address Cloud Security

    The US Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council is focused in helping financial institutions by providing a resource document which it hopes to address and understand the risk of cloud computing. In its four-page document, Outsourced Cloud Computing, the council stressed that due diligence must be performed in assessing a cloud computing service provider rather […]

  • Managing The Cloud’s Energy Consumption

    Cloud computing is a $16.5B market and expected to have an annual growth rate of 27% over the next four years even though the rest of the economy is experiencing a downturn. Chief among the reasons why cloud computing is being embraced by business is its ability to reduce energy consumption and cut costs […]

  • Cloud Computing Health Care Market Worth $5 Billion by 2017

    Cloud computing services are on the rise in the health care industry. However, its adoption is slowed by security, privacy, and regulatory concerns. But according to MarketsandMarkets, a research firm, cloud computing is expected to be worth $5.4 Billion in the health care market […]

  • Cloud Storage Facilitates Recovery of Data – TwinStrata Study

    Storing of data in the cloud is convenient, there is no need to buy any equipment and in most cases it helps companies address challenges related to the growth of protecting and managing of business application data. Now users can quickly recover lost data when stored in a system based on cloud computing. TwinStrata, […]

  • The Cloud Reaches Hollywood: Ticketmaster Partners With Cisco

    Live Nation Entertainment, which is currently operating online ticket seller Ticketmaster along with 3 other entertainment businesses, is migrating its entire network operation, including Ticketmaster itself, into a private cloud.

    It is expected that the migration will be a massive undertaking since Live Nation currently has seven thousand employees housed in 153 offices spread […]

  • 5 Questions to Determine the Real Cost of Cloud Computing

    The recent outage with Amazon Web Services, which resulted in several high profile sites like Pinterest, Netflix, and Instagram going down as well, is a reality check for the industry. It’s true that the cloud computing industry is building up a lot of momentum these past few […]

  • News Digest July 15, 2012
    The Future of Cloud AdoptionPublic cloud computing is one of the biggest factors that speed up the pace of changes that occur in enterprise software these days. Newcomers in the market are constantly launching innovations that can disrupt and […]

  • Cost Analysis of Managing Data

    With businesses these days, data has become as important as time and money. However, managing and storage of data cost money, and the bigger the data that a corporation handles, the larger the expenses. The amount of money required to manage big data is no trivial matter, which is why big companies have implement […]

  • Sony Will Put Gaming In The Cloud

    Rumors were already floating around even before E3 2012, but Sony Computer Entertainment has recently confirmed their acquisition of the cloud-based gaming company Gaikai. The whole deal was completed to the tune of $380 million, and will allow Sony to establish a new cloud service that will bolster their own entertainment and gaming network.


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